playing favorites.

3 thoughts on “playing favorites.”

  1. I actually am moving partially due to the favoritism my in-laws (grandparents, BIL, and SIL’s) show. Mine blow money on stupid stuff and then need us to pay and fix everything for all of them. As we are now moving they are trying to send their kids with us so we can fix them. I plan to write a detailed list of things we have went without and such to help them, as well as the things my kids have asked and cried over, and our feelings. I am sure I will be opening a can of worms and it probably will not be read but I hope a few look at themselves realistically.


    1. Dear TreasureT,
      Sad, isn’t it that parents could be so insensitive, especially to young children who really don’t have the capacity or wisdom to understand much more than their selfish needs. I cannot imagine, being the mother of 2 children, that I would help one more than the other. Of course there will be times when one child may need extra assistance or more attention, but when a parent is blatant in their favoritism it is quite difficult to swallow. It so so hurtful and painful which is a reminder to me that no matter the age of my kids, I will always be their Mom and they will always expect me to be fair. I guess the take away from this circumstance is to change our own selves so that we don’t replicate those actions and to remember that our children, no matter the age, will always need us and have certain expectations, fairness being most important.
      Thank you so much for your comment and keep your head held high, you will make it through!


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